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Designed by a team of expert educational researchers and venture analysists, this website is dedicated to unpacking the details and potential of personalized learning in the educational technologies world. As a new, developing technological direction and a very popular teaching and learning method, an understanding of personalized learning is both important and useful for educators, students, investors and tech-users alike.

In the spirit of this direction, our core course content is offered via four different learning methods. You can choose to learn via our video curriculum, our text curriculum, our audio curriculum or our infographic curriculum (or any combination of these methods that you'd prefer!).

​Simply select the tab titled with your preferred learning method and you'll be ready to begin. Each method is designed to be easy to understand and interactive, assuring that you will be offered all the information you need about personalized learning going forward. You will be able to interact with our media, muse over the reflection questions and then partake in a discussion on our padlet, both as a contributor and a responding voice.

Our topics in this curriculum are:

Introduction to Personalized Learning

Components of Personalized Learning

Usability of Personalized Learning

Future Potential of Personalized Learning

The first half of this curriculum is focused on what personalized learning is, what it looks like when implemented and how it is integrated into a technologically linked educational tool. The second half if more focused on how Personalized Learning is used, sold and designed in order to give you more insight into the current and future venture landscape which is both dynamic in nature and full of opportunity!

If you'd like to read a little bit more about the concepts and designers behind this site or contact them, please visit the About tab.


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